Interview with Chou Hallegra on Mental Health Advocacy and Mental Health business

Mrs. Chou Hallegra is a mental health advocate. She has her own mental health consulting business called, “Grace and Hope Consulting”. She is an author of several books, a keynote speaker, and a certified life coach! To learn more about Mrs. Chou Hallegra, check out the interview with her here:

Here is Mrs. Chou Hallegra’s “Grace and Hope Consulting” website:

If you want to read Mrs. Chou Hallegra’s books, you can purchase them here through Amazon:

Interview with Rachel Barcellona about Disability Advocacy, Board Member of several disability organizations, and Beauty Pageants

Rachel Barcellona is a well-known, Autistic advocate who advocates for people with disabilities. She has a project called, “Ability Beyond Disability” and the mission of the project is to help individuals living with disabilities see themselves beyond their diagnosed disability/disabilities and to encourage them about accomplishing anything. She is a model and has competed in beauty pageants ever since she was a little girl; She’s the first contestant to compete in Miss Florida with autism, and the first for Miss America. Currently, Rachel serves as a board member for the following organizations: C.A.R.D. USF, Unicorn Children’s Foundation, Els for Autism Center of Excellence, Dyspraxia Foundation USA, and works with The Global Autism Project, Doug Flutie Jr Foundation for Autism and Victoria’s Voice Foundation, all of which have impacted the lives of families every where. To learn more about Rachel, check out the interview I did with Rachel here:

Here is Rachel’s website to check out:

If you want to read Rachel’s story in “This Is Autism”, you can purchase the book on Amazon through this link:

Interview with Mary Nixonhahn about parenting children with Autism, an Author, and employment

Mrs. Mary Nixonhahn is a parent who lives with Autism and all three of her children live with Autism. She advocates not just for herself, but for all three of her children and for individuals living with disabilities too. To learn more about Mary, check out the interview here:

If you listened in to the interview, Mary is an author of a couple of books. Here are Mary’s books to purchase:

Also, here is Mary’s website, “Ausome Angels Awareness and Inclusion”:

Interview with Nicole Endersby about Special Needs Photography business and “A Special Life” Podcast

Mrs. Nicole Endersby is a mom of three boys. Two of her boys have Autism and one has ADHD. She resides living in Texas where she and her husband have a media company called Endersby Productions. A big part of their company is giving back to the disability community through a program they call their #EndersbysHeroes. They transform children with disabilities and their siblings into superheroes for a photoshoot experience. These are free sessions and are done through events. They enjoy putting together events for the disability community, advocating and sharing their experiences through their podcast “A Special Life,” social media and now YouTube channel. She enjoys helping others and is about to finish writing her first book “A Special Life: Our Journey Through Autism.” The self-published title will be released during the Holiday season through Amazon, Audible and Kindle. Scott and Nicole hope to be able to one day employ adults with disabilities in their media company, that is a big goal of theirs. Check out the interview I did with Mrs. Nicole Endersby here:

To learn more about Endersby Productions and maybe want to get your own family photos done through this amazing family, here is their website:

Follow and check out Mrs. Nicole Endersby’s “A Special Life” podcast on her YouTube channel:

Lastly, check out some articles and magazines that the Endersby family were featured in:


Interview with Taylor Duncan about Alternative Baseball Organization

Taylor Duncan is the CEO of Alternative Baseball, and he lives with Autism. Because of Taylor’s special interest in Baseball, Alternative Baseball Organization was created and provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to play Baseball. To learn more about Taylor and his Alternative Baseball Organization, check out the interview here:

To learn more about Alternative Baseball Organization, you can also check out the website here:

Interview with Andrew Bennett about Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT) and Global Autism Project

Andrew Bennett is a self-advocate who mainly works as a Behavioral Registered Technician (RBT). Also, he is very involved with the Global Autism Project. To learn more about Andrew, check out the interview I did with him here:

Also, check out some podcasts and keynote speeches Andrew has already done here:

Finally, to support Andrew’s work for the Global Autism Project, please donate and/or support here:

Interview with George Bostory on Special Dragons Karate School and Special Education

Mr. George Bostory shares in this guest interview about the karate school, “Special Dragons”. This karate school was created by him and many other special education teachers. Mr. George Bostory is a black belt himself! How amazing is that!? He provides students with disabilities opportunities to learn karate, based on the students’ needs and levels. Check out the interview I did with Mr. George Bostory here:

Here is “Special Dragons” website:

Interview with Ryan Litchfield about Autism and Epilepsy, Blogger of “Ryan’s Voice”, and Autism Peer Specialist

Ryan Litchfield is a disability and health advocate who has grown up with Autism and Epilepsy. He blogs about himself through his own blog, “Ryan’s Voice”. Recently, he has been providing guest interviews to have friends be featured on his blog! That is awesome! Ryan’s main job is being an Autism Peer Specialist. I am beyond excited to share that I am collaborating with Ryan as one of the co-facilitators for his Autism Focus Group Committee! The focus group will be all about Autism peer specialist and certification development, and the group is through the Global Autism Project! Thank you for all that you do Ryan! Check out the interview I did with Ryan here:

Here is Ryan’s blog, “Ryan’s Voice” to follow:

Here is Ryan’s YouTube Channel to follow and watch all of his guest interviews:

Interview with David Sharif about Autism Global Advocate, Autism Global Project, and Employment

David Sharif demonstrates being an Autism Global Advocate through his longest interest of traveling and his experiences as a keynote speaker. There is more to this that makes David an Autism Global Advocate, including his plans on being more involved in the Autism Global Project organization. Watch the interview with David to learn more about him and all of his work as an Autism Global Advocate:

Also, come check these articles out that David was featured in:

Lastly, make sure to follow David’s blog here:

Interview with Janice Nathan about Speech-Language therapy and neurodiversity

Mrs. Janice Nathan is a speech-language pathologist and is a neurodivergent. She has been working as a speech-language pathologist for many years, including through her own private practice. To learn more about her and her work, check out the interview I did with her:

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